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Sanyi metal analysis of what is forging

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Sanyi metal analysis of what is forging

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Sanyi metal analysis of what is forging forgings need to be consistent with each piece, without any porosity, extra space, inclusions or other defects. This method produces a high ratio of components to strength to weight ratio. These elements are usually used in aircraft structures.

The advantages of forgings are stretchable lengths, shrinkable cross sections; retractable length, stretchable cross section; changeable length, changeable cross section. Forging the types are: free forging / hand forging, hot forging / precision forging, forging, rolling forging and forging.

Forging formation

Forgings are objects where the metal is subjected to pressure, shaping the desired shape or the appropriate compressive force by plastic deformation. This force is typically achieved by using a hammer or pressure. The forging process builds fine particle structures and improves the physical properties of the metal. In the practical use of components, a correct design can make the particles flow in the direction of the main pressure.

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