July Evening Harvest Events

July Evening Harvest Events

Jul 3 Heritage Day with CCCRA

Music: Nadia Choucair & Matty Griswold

Jul 10 Hippie Day – The 60’s

Music: Dr. Paul Constantine

Jul 17 Everything Corny

Music: Ben Shirley


Thurs. 4-8 * Fri 2-6 * Sat. 10-4

Jul 24 Eat Your Veggies!

Music: Appalachian Monk

Jul 25 Bread to Wool

Music: Cool Papa DJ

Jul 26 Pasture Raised Cheese, Eggs & Meat

Music: 12 pm Heidi Rose Holton
2 pm  Scott James Stambaugh

Jul 31 Farmer Bingo

Music: Jay Drummonds

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